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We'll bring our customized trailer (parked in the street) with its heated, eco-friendly “dip tank.” We remove the grill parts and let them soak in this “steam bath” for approximately 2 hours.

While the grill parts are soaking, your DBBQC Tech will de-grease away all harmful carcinogens, old bristles, layers of old grease from your BBQ/grill — anything that can transfer to your food or start a dangerous fire. Your Tech will also “rout out” the BBQ burners, which also contain built-up layers of old food, sand and bugs.
We perform a maintenance and safety inspection with every cleaning and give you the results.
Last step! We shine up your BBQ with our specially imported “English” cream polish.
We also provide preventive maintenance, parts servicing and repair, and installation services for ALL types of BBQ/grills.
Push Button and Rotary Ignitor/Starter Modules
Electrode Repair of Sparking Unit
Flare ups
Low and Uneven Heat Issues
Temperature Gauges
Gas Leaks
Gas Regulators, Hoses and Attachments
Conversion of Propane to Natural Gas/Vice Versa
Propane Tank Exchange
Gas Shut Off Valve Install
Valve Repair & Install
Replace Burners
BBQ Install, Removal & Recycling Services
   for Old Grills & Patio Burners
At the grill cleaning, we also offer a variety of top quality products and accessories for sale at exceptional values. Pre-order your supplies and accessories before your cleaning appointment. Call for availability and current prices.